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November 10 - December 20

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About us

We Are a family owned business based in a small town in the middle of a Amish community in northern Indiana. We started our business as selling bulk garden seed to the locals. We soon were getting asked if bulk seed was the only thing we sell, and we realized we should expand the business to include the products that were being requested but also fit certain requirements. Since gardening is working with nature, and our own love for nature, we decided to base the products we sell around nature. We try to either have them made with natural products, or revolving around or in nature itself. We soon started growing perennial flowers, then grapes and other small fruit. We began attending our local farmers market and added some natural lotions, and liquid soap. We now have a line of our own Nature Inspired by MJ natural or safe environmental friendly lotions, deodorants, lip balm, liquid and bar soap, soy, paraffin, and beeswax candles. We are now making our own bird feeders, and bird houses. We are continuing to add and create products to help us all enjoy the nature that God has given us, and that are safe for us and the world.  Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to being of service to you and your friends. 


Bringing our products from the Farmers Market Straight to Your Door

Not only are we doing the Farmers Market , we also attend many local festivals and Artesian Markets and Vendor events. We have this website so that you can continue to use our quality products even if you aren't at the events we are. We will be adding a list of Events and Dates that we will be attending this year as we get the confirmations back..

(We will be updating hopefully often as we get accepted.


April 26,27,28 Wakarusa IN Maple Syrup Festival.

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